sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

her: ''I'm sorry''
him: ''i think you'll be honest with me ...''
her: (...)
him: ''and the answer to your question ...''
       ''IS YES''
       '' you have me lost me forever''

(a few time later)

him: ''we're close an off now''
       '' i really wanna now how're doing ...''
her: ''how you think i'm going?''
her: '' i'm in love with a boy i could never have''
someone: ''there is a part of you that feels for him''
her: ''no''
him: ''i'm your friend''
her: ''if it's works''
him: ''it will work''
her: ''why i'm the only one who see that will never works? convinces you of that''
       ''there has to be another way ...''
him: '' there isn't''
       ''listen to me, I CARE ABOUT YOU, i do''
       ''you and i ... we have something''
her: ''i think that you'll hurt me''
him: '' no, i just will love you like no one else''

her: ''i need to now the truth ... ''
him: '' i love you!''
her: '' i can't lose you anymore''
him: '''you won't, i promise''